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Bundle our services together and save over $125.

Admin Daphne

Transforming a document into a carefully crafted and highly versatile resume worth 6-figures is what I do.

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  $75M in Salary increase!

LinkedIn Services

Using a proven career strategies, job market research, I’ll take an extensive dive into your LinkedIn profile. I hone in on what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for and come up with ways for you to optimize your profile and increase your profile for the 92% of recruiters who use LinkedIn to find high-quality candidates. 

A fulfilling career enables you to apply your expertise, talents, interests, and values to your work while also meeting your financial and personal needs, and that's where I step in. Fulfilling careers offer opportunities for professionals, such as yourself, to expand your skill sets and feel secure and happy because you are in a supportive workspace. I specialize in connecting the dots between your hard work and its results so that you can find a company that gives you the balance you deserve. During my calls, this dynamic is achieved by getting to know you as a person, which gives you a sense of purpose that not only benefits your career but also improves your self-esteem outside of work.

What do my client’s say about me?

Pollen Prep Guide

Hey bee hey! The unemployed
phase can be awkward – we get it.
The good news is, this phase is very temporary.

With the right strategies and a
healthy mindset, you will be past this stage in no time!

Sign up for our carefully curated
Pollen Prep Kit, a How-To Guide
for Unemployed Jobbees!

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