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This workshop is for you if you:


🐝 Invested in a business during the pandemic that didn’t pan out

🐝 Have innovative business ideas but are not sure where to start

🐝 Want to revive an old business that’s been dormant

🐝 Are interested in building business development expertise

Black From The Dead Masterclass

October 29th & 30th, 2022 – 4 hours daily


A carefully curated 2-day intensive workshop to kickstart your business and sustain growth through practical business strategies.

Workshop goals: The goal of this workshop is to revive businesses that failed during the pandemic with practical and proven business strategies. In this workshop, you’ll learn the technical know-how and essential information on how to start and maintain a successful business. You’ll be taught effective methods for business planning, sustainability, revenue generation, and more. 


We want you on the path to securing the life of ease you deserve and building generational wealth.

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