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BOTJ Service

Welcome to the Hive!

Black On The Job fondly called BOTJ founded in June 2018, as a black contingent network, founded on core values of discipline, hard work, consistency and integrity, which has in turn built a vast, enduring network that purposes to help improve the career development process of the black community to exceed the middle-class standards.

​The founders and the BOTJ community is transforming the geographical and academic limits that have stagnated black people behind the starting line for so long and has successfully contributed to the career growth of over 70K members with approximately $10M in increased salaries globally.

Every waking day is a beehive of activities for our founders. From creating a safe space for open constructive conversations for the community to nurturing individual and collective forward movement while remaining up to date with corporate America and curating related educational materials for the members (well known as Bees or Jobbees).

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Cyntoni Miller

Black On The Job
Chief Executive Officer

Speaking Engagements:

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Services We Offer

Resume Services

In this review session, we will indicate areas of your resume that may have grammatical errors, misspelled words, or excessive use of filler words. During the review process, we will discuss the cost of a resume revision and the timeframe to schedule and complete your revision. Remember, no resume revision without a resume review, Bee!

Let's take your resume to the next level! We will make sure your resume accurately represents your expertise.

Jr. Resume Review and Revision is strictly for clients 17-25 years old.

Federal Services

This service is a great place to start for those who are first-time applicants with the federal government and those transitioning from military service or these who are currently in federal positions and looking to increase their salary. The sessions will go over the intricacies of the federal hiring process to familiarize candidates with the process from targeting agencies, salaries, what roles you qualify for, understanding key terms, reading and understanding USAJOBS announcements and more.

Are you looking to enter, exit, or remain in federal government positions? This specialized array of services is an evaluation of your resume based on the Office of People Management's Criteria for Submission.

Bundled Packages

Bundle and save! We have bundled our services in a few packages to save you hundreds of dollars. 

AfterPay Payment Options also available!

Bundle and save! We have bundled our services in a few packages to save you hundreds of dollars. 

AfterPay Payment Options also available!

Career Coaching

During your career coaching session, you will share your goals, professional experience, and challenges with us. We will provide you with clarity and evaluate your skills, transferable job knowledge, and areas of opportunity, including any higher education necessary to advance your career.

To successfully navigate your career goals, you need a clear roadmap.

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LinkedIn Services

With LinkedIn being the most powerful social media marketing platform, you cannot afford to miss out on the opportunities and exposure LinkedIn provides. During your review, we will give you insight into how recruiters and hiring managers seek candidates on LinkedIn. And we will discuss how your profile aligns with your competitors.

Honey = money, and the best way to maximize your value is to have to make sure your LinkedIn Profile stands out

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Mock Interview

During the mock interview, you will have the opportunity to release some of those nervous jitters, practice answering interview questions with confidence and determine relevant questions to ask your interviewer(s). We will provide you with feedback to help you ace your next interview

Practice your interview the BOTJ way. Release some of those nervous jitters and build confidence.

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Career Change Package

This package includes all the services you need to prepare for and crush the next big stage of your career!

Switching to a new career can be a daunting process - we've got you covered, bee!

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Makeover Package

Bee, are you in need of a complete career makeover? This is for you! This package contains all BOTJ's professional career services and is specifically designed to overhaul your professional portfolio.

  • Career Coaching + 1-3 pages Resume Review

  • Resume Revision

  • Mock Interview

  • LinkedIn Profile Development

  • Cover Letter

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Best Bee Overhaul

Bee, if you want to have it all, you need the Best Bee Overhaul! This service bundle provides you with all the foundational tools that will aid in taking your confidence, your resume, and your career to the next level.

  • Career Coaching + 1-3 pages Resume Review

  • Resume Revision

  • Mock Interview

  • LinkedIn Review

AfterPay Available Here.png

Jobbee Jr. Package

Bee, you know that it's not enough to secure the bag for yourself. Baby Bees deserve the honey, too! They are our future. Equipping them with the right tools will give them a head-start on their career journey.

  • 1-3 pages Resume Review

  • Resume Revision

  • Career Coaching Workshop

  • LinkedIn Workshop

  • Interviewing While Black Course

*Strictly for clients from 17-25 years old

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Gift Certificate and Donation

Gift a loved one a resume review or donate a resume review to someone in need. Every little bit of honey counts.

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BOTJ Servics
BOTJ Packages
BOTJ Courses

Minicourses and Workbooks

The Difference Between Job Role/Function and Job Title/Industry

 How do you differentiate between your job role/function and your job title? What are the implications of these differences on your job search and salary negotiation conversations? The functions you already carry out in your current role may not accurately reflect your current job title which in turn impacts your career progression and pay considerations. 

Client Testimonials


Pollen Prep Guide

Hey bee hey!

The unemployed phase can be awkward - we get it. The good news is, this phase is very temporary.

With the right strategies and a healthy mindset, you will be past this stage in no time!

Get a copy of our carefully curated


Pollen Prep Kit, a How-To Guide for Unemployed Jobbees!

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