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Recession Proof Package

The collapse of both Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank has shaken the tech and banking industry.

With workers from both banks (over 50 office locations in several states) set to be laid off, a white-collar recession has been set in motion.
The ripple effects will impact businesses that are unable to fund payroll and running costs without access to capital.

By all indications, there is more to come.
As these banks fall out, it’s time for
us to fall in line to cover as many of us as we can. Corporate America isn’t known to be kind to Black people, which means we’ll have a harder time pivoting between roles, especially now.

If there’s a time we need access to career development resources designed to recession-proof our careers, it is

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Why Us

Our certified professionals are committed to every consultation. We work as a team for your success. 

Your career is our mission. 

Over 100K success stories from clients who we guided at every step in their journey to finally achieve their desired result.

Our one-on-one sessions are tailored to center who you are not only as a professional but as a Black person navigating corporate spaces. 

We curate careers for our clients that assure a healthy work-life balance and supports your professional growth.

What is included in this package?

  1. A comprehensive consultation to discuss your career goals with a certified career coach.

  2. An overview of your key skills and which roles will offer the highest salary.

  3. A personalized career guide snapshot detailing your next steps.

  4. A list of roles to apply for and certifications needed for career changes.

  5. A professionally-written resume delivered in Microsoft Word & PDF.

  6. A complimentary guide on how to maximize your resume results.

  7. A FREE negotiation resource guide.

20% Discount to Individual Services!

Bank Layoff Package

It is time to recession-proof your career. Hurry limited time offer!


Career Coaching

During your career coaching session, you will share your goals, professional experience, and challenges with us.


Mock Interview

Practice your interview the BOTJ way. Release some of those nervous jitters and build confidence.

Special Promo

LinkedIn Review

With LinkedIn being the most powerful social media marketing platform, you cannot afford to miss out on the opportunities and exposure LinkedIn provides.


LinkedIn Profile Development

We will design a high-performing profile that is keyword optimized, recruiter friendly, properly formatted, and free from errors to ultimately improve your professional image and maximize your personal marketing abilities. 


Client Testimonials

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