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Bee Code of Conduct

Hey bee hey!


Our Bee experience team answers chats and emails in the order that they are received (phone calls are answered right away during work hours). Please refrain from submitting multiple e-mails, which may cause a delayed response. You may, however, reply to an email if you have any information to add or request project closure if you no longer need assistance.

Here at Black On The Job, we invite you to participate in our Code of Conduct, which lays out our expectations for engagement with our service and support teams throughout the BOTJ experience. It’s our mission to help Black people be seen, known, and loved through our products and it’s our hope that you too would remember that real, genuine team members are on the other side of your interactions as you explore our products and services.


Code of Conduct 

  • Be friendly – We lead with compassion, empathy, and understanding.

  • Be respectful – All of our services are performed by real humans, and we do our very best to rectify issues as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

  • Be genuine – We love uniqueness and never want to suppress it! We hope that you feel welcome here and find a sense of home and belonging.


We’re so glad you’re here and we cannot wait to see your “I got the job!” post. 

Love, Peace, and Honey, 



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