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Our commitment? Close the wage disparity between Black professionals and counterparts from other racial backgrounds, not only in corporate America but globally.

This Facebook group is PACKED with free career resources, engaging weekly live sessions on career growth, and content tailored to your career aspirations, our goal is clear: to get every "jobbee" to 6-figures.

Boasting a diverse team of Black professionals across the US and Africa, we're united in this vision.

Your goals are our blueprint, bee. You deserve to be in thriving work environments where your expertise continues to expand, your pay matches your skill level, and you are assured of a healthy work-life balance.

We’ve got you covered, bee!

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Lives in the Hive

Explore the limitless possibilities to uplift, connect, and flourish with Black On The Job's transformative Facebook Live resources.

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Free Resources

Our free resources are curated to address your specific needs, empowering you to overcome obstacles and reach new heights.

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