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Resume Services

If you are looking for a resume rewrite/revision, please sign up for our resume review service. This is the first step in our revision process. Based on your career needs, we will discuss the revision price and turnaround time during the call. *Remember, no resume revision without a resume review, Bee!


Pages (1 - 3) - 30mins at $30.00
Pages (4 - 6) - 60mins at $60.00


Jr. Resume Review and Revision

Hey Bee Hey! Are you within the ages of 17-25 years with less than five years of work experience? This one is for you! This resume service consists of a one-page resume that includes precise grammar, an updated layout using industry-standard formatting, and strong verbiage that will align with the opportunity you are applying for. You’ll be getting the perfect resume for entry-level professionals.


Pages (1 - 3) - 30mins at $150.00

Career Coaching

To successfully navigate your career goals, you need a clear roadmap. During your career coaching session, you will share your goals, professional experience, and challenges with us. We will provide you with clarity and evaluate your skills, transferable job knowledge, and areas of opportunity, including any higher education necessary to advance your career.



Career Coaching: 45mins. at $150.00

Refresher Career Coaching:  $99.00

LinkedIn Review

Bee, why are you keeping your honey (value) to yourself? Honey = money, and the best way to maximize your value is to have to make sure your LinkedIn profile stands out. With LinkedIn being the most powerful social media marketing platform, you cannot afford to miss out on the opportunities and exposure LinkedIn provides. During your review, we will provide you with insight as to how recruiters and hiring managers seek candidates on LinkedIn. We will discuss how your profile aligns with your competitors.


30mins. at $150.00

LinkedIn Profile Development

Bee, why are you keeping your honey (value) to yourself? Honey = money, and the best way to maximize your value is to have to make sure your LinkedIn profile stands out. We will design a high performing profile which is keyword optimized, recruiter friendly, properly formatted, and free from error that will ultimately improve your professional image, maximize your personal marketing abilities. Your Linkedin Profile will be available 5 business days after the initial call.


30mins. at $299.00

Mock Interview

Practice makes perfect, they say! Why not practice for your interview the BOTJ way? During the mock interview, you will have the opportunity to release some of those nervous jitters, practice answering interview questions with confidence and determine relevant questions to ask your interviewer(s). We will provide you with feedback to assist with your ability to ace your next interview!


30mins. at $125.00

Junior Overhaul

**for Baby Bees ages 17-25 years ONLY
Bee, you know that it’s not enough to secure the bag for yourself alone. Baby Bees deserve the honey too. They are our future. Equipping them with the right tools will give them a strong head start on a very successful career journey.
This package is specially designed for Baby Bees ages 17-25 years and contains all they need to brave the job market with confidence and an edge over the competition.
i. Resume Review
ii. Resume Revision
iii. LinkedIn Workshop
iv. Group Career Coaching
v. Interviewing While Black Course


Pricing:  $300 

Federal Services

Federal Services are for those who are looking to enter, exit, or remain in federal government positions. This specialized array of services is an evaluation of your résumé based on the Office of People Management’s criteria for submission. The Federal Career Coaching sessions go over the intricacies of the federal hiring process to familiarize candidates with the process from targeting agencies, salaries, what roles you qualify for, understanding key terms, reading and understanding USAJOBS announcements and more.



Federal Résumé Review – starts at $60

Bundle Packages

Bundle and save! We have bundled our services in a few packages to save you hundreds of dollars!

Guess what? We even have payment plans available! 



Best Bee Overhaul at $575

Career Change at $450

Makeover Package at $825

Returning Bees.png

Did you previously complete a resume revision/rewrite with Black On The Job but have since gained additional work experience? Or would you like your previously revised resume geared towards a different field?

These packages are tailored for you!



Resume Refresher: $99

Resume Refresher + Career Change: $299

Gift Certificate and Donation

Gift a loved one a resume review or donate a resume review to someone in need. Every little bit of honey counts.

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