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28Black: Hot Careers in Kenya

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Niaje Wasee!

It’s fitting that Barrack Obama surprised the audience at the opening of the Global Entrepreneurship Summits (GES) 2015 6th edition with this Sheng greeting, loosely translated to ‘How’s everyone doing?’

Kenya’s economy is predominantly market-based and is the largest in East Africa.

The country’s reputation as the key economic and commercial hub of East Africa is bound to the vital relevance of its coastal city, Mombasa, which creates favorable regional and global trade memberships.

To celebrate Black History Month, we will be looking at attractive career opportunities in Kenya.

These revolve around the following industries: agriculture, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), information technology, and medicine.

Agriculture: The Number 1 Industry for Careers in Kenya

Agriculture is vital to Kenya's economy, accounting for 33% of its gross domestic product (GDP) and an additional 27% of GDP indirectly through interconnection with other sectors. The sector employs more than 40% of the total population and 70% of the rural population.

Demand for customer-driven agricultural products catalyzed by a burgeoning middle class with higher disposable income and increased urbanization has boosted the foodservice and retail sectors.

Kenya’s horticulture industry is a crucial export success in Africa. The country's other major agricultural exports include black tea, coffee, and vegetables.

Recently, the foodservice sector has attracted U.S. investment interests, and multiple U.S. food services franchises have established outlets in Kenya’s leading cities.

Why Kenyans are Flooding NGOs for Jobs

NGOs provide a broad spectrum of services across fields, including finance, livelihood interventions, health & education services, emergency response, democracy building, conflict resolution, human rights, environmental management, and policy analysis.

NGOs are making significant contributions to help the country achieve its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and multiple development priorities.

Some NGOs deliver access to microcredit/loans or microfinance facilities, improving micro-enterprises while enabling people to establish income-generating activities. They facilitate opportunities for individuals to design entrepreneurial or agricultural initiatives that generate earnings over time.

$1,000 Per Post for Top Kenyan Influencers

Kenya is a regional and continental leader regarding broadband connectivity, general ICT infrastructure, value-added services, mobile money, and mobile banking services.

The nation’s ICT sector accounts for about 8% of its GDP via IT-enabled services (ITES).

The ICT sector offers various employment opportunities, spanning cybersecurity, digital marketing, and social media management.

For instance, Elsa Majimbo, a 19-year-old Kenyan comedienne and social media sensation has bagged multiple endorsement deals, with her latest being a collaboration with talk show host and comedian Steve Harvey.

Kenyans are consistently displaying their trailblazing nature in multiple careers within this sector. A skilled social media influencer in Kenya can earn as much as $1,000+ per post.

Doctors in Kenya

The Kenyan medical sector has a high market value, with medical graduates earning right after internships.

A medical intern in a government hospital earns an average salary of $800.The absorption rates are high with graduates exploring choices between the government and the private sectors.

The average monthly salary of a specialist doctor is typically nothing less than $1,900, making the Kenyan medical sector highly lucrative.


As discussed above, Kenya has its most attractive careers in the medical, agricultural, and IT sectors of its economy.

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