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52 Shades of Blackness 2021 Planner

This planner was made in the image of us. The theme of this planner is connecting the children of the diaspora back to our land and our family in continental Africa. Our culture, our traditions ,and our conditions are all connected. 52 Shades of Blackness: Look At My City is a love project, highlighting the amazing accomplishments we have contributed collectively to the world. Hopefully, you will bee as inspired using this planner as I was making it.

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The Golden Path: How to Reach Six-Figures Without a Degree

In this eBook, readers will learn what career path to take if their goal is to earn 6 figures without a degree. We feel that everyone needs to have the same amount of support as everyone deserves to achieve their goals.

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The Bee Notebook

BEE on track with your professional and financial intentions this 2021. Start your abundance journal and be excited about new astounding opportunities and money manifestations.

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