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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for services?

That’s easy, bee! Click “sign me up” to see what services best suit your career needs. 

Sign me up!

When will I receive my invoice?

Your notes and proposal invoice will be sent to your email address we have on file within 48 hours of your appointment.

Does BOTJ offer payment plans?

Absolutely, bee! We offer Afterpay/Klarna for individual services and packages.

Can I use my remaining bundle balance to cover my revision?

Sure! We can assist you with that, bee. Send us an email or give us a call.

(657) 233-2685
Email The Bee Team

Can I ask a question after receiving my notes?

Absolutely – the Bee Team is at your disposal. Send us an email or give us a call at

(657) 233-2685
Email The Bee Team

How do I sign up for a resume revision/rewrite?

The first step in the resume process is a resume review. During your resume review consultation the cost of your revision/rewrite will be determined by your resume review specialist.

What service should I start with?

We recommend starting out with a career coaching session, especially if you need some clarity on your next career move. That way, your resume review and revision is properly tailored towards a lucrative career for you.

Can I make a partial payment?

Yes, you can make a partial payment on your resume revision invoice ONLY. However, we will not proceed with the service until your invoice is paid in full. We invite you to explore our Afterpay/Klarna options instead.

When will my resume be delivered?

Within 5-7 business days of completing your revision intake form (after payment has been remitted in full). This will be sent to you via email in both Word and PDF.

Can I get my resume back faster?

Absolutely, bee! We offer 2 express options for resume revisions:
2 business days for $75
5 business days for $50

Contact the Bee Experience Team to send you an invoice right away. 

When will I receive my intake form?

Your intake form is sent to your email address prior to your resume review appointment. Please complete within 24 hours following your consultation so the writing team can get to work curating your brand-new resume.

When can I book the remaining appointments in my package?

Immediately after receiving your brand new resume, bee! Either select the “Schedule” option in your confirmation email or log into your client profile to see your remaining services, OR contact a BeeKeeper for assistance. 

Contact A BeeKeeper

What should I do if I have edit requests or concerns about my first draft?

Simply respond to the first draft email with any edits and/or concerns you have within 5 business days of receiving it. A senior writer will be assigned to make the necessary corrections.

However, any information that was not previously provided during your resume review session or in your intake form are NOT considered edits. You will be charged at an ad-hoc rate of $25 for any part of an hour to include the additional information.

Why was my first draft completed before I completed my intake form?

This will happen if your intake form wasn’t filled out within 5 days of paying your resume revision invoice. 

Reply to the first draft email with your edits requests within 5 business days. However, please note that new content requests not previously provided to BOTJ are NOT considered edits and will be charged at an ad-hoc rate of $25 any part of an hour.

Do I need to wait for my revised resume to complete my cover letter intake form?

No need to wait, bee. We recommend that both intake forms are completed at the same time so your resume writer can work on both concurrently. If you need assistance completing the forms, there are how-to videos located at the bottom of each form to guide you.

Can I update my work history or change my career after I receive my revised resume?

Absolutely, bee! We offer Returning Bee Packages to update your work history and/or change the career focus of your BOTJ resume.
Returning Bee Packages

How long do is my revision invoice valid for?

45 days, bee. When this timeframe expires, you’ll need a new resume review so your resume review specialist can determine a new quote for you.

If I forget to use a discount code and pay for a service in full, will I get a refund for the code or a refund for the service so I repurchase?

Unfortunately not. However, your unused credit can be applied toward another service. Please contact the Bee Experience Team before making a purchase if you are unsure how to apply your discount code.
Contact The Bee Experience Team

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