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Because we envision a world free of biases, injustices, and economic justice, we make our services accessible and affordable for all Black people. We create a space of affordable and accessible services so that all Black people can obtain economic security, generational wealth, access to networking, and unlimited knowledge.


We recognize that lives of every Black person matter, regardless of class, vocation, nationality, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, and/or criminal history.

Therefore, we stand firm and with integrity to continue creating an inclusive, anti-racist, anti-discriminatory culture.

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Meet the Team

Black On The Job_Cyntoni Miller_003.jpg

Cyntoni Miller

Chief Executive Officer


Calaura Smith



Esther Olubi

People Operations Manager


Anneke Mitchell


Media Recognitions

 Black on the Job, Poured Over $10M Into the Black Community Globally Raising the Black Narrative One Career at a Time.

Black on the Job specializes in confronting incoming disparities through developing personalized salary negotiations tactics for her clients.

2020 List Of Influential African American Business Women You Should Follow On LinkedIn

Meet the 2022's class of 40 Under 40 honorees, a group of young executives and entrepreneurs.

5 National Fellowships for Social Entrepreneurs & Activists

Black On The Job, is advocating for the advancement of black people in the workforce.

Inspire forward momentum in each person’s career using mentoring, skills enrichment and community engagement. 

Advocating for the Advancement of Black People in the Workforce

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