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A Business/Movement Dedicated To The Advancement of Black People In The Workplace.

Our Mission

Black On The Job is a network and career development organization for Black people. The founder and mentors of the group want to empower people by helping them find and develop the best version of themselves using proven resume writing, interview, and hiring techniques. This organization is open and available to Black people that need support or guidance negotiating the corporate world.


100K Clients








4.7 Stars


Bee, you have done a great job on your resume! Now, we can discuss taking it to the next level. 

In this review session, we will indicate areas of your resume that may have grammatical errors, misspelled words, or excessive use of filler words. During the review process, we will discuss the cost of a resume revision and the timeframe to schedule and complete your revision. Remember, no resume revision without a resume review, Bee!

What our Clients Say

Jasmine Johnson

"I've been waiting to make this post since I joined the group. I'm honored to join the ranks of those who made this post before me! Shout out to Admin Cyn for the dynamo resume she put together for me.'

Shamonda Thornton-Swain

"I Got the job!!! That BOTJ resume bought out the best in ya girl. 10K raise,  no more 4 hour RT commute, flex schedule and a ridiculous amount of paid time off. I appreciiate all the wisom, insight and confidence I have gain from this group."

Michele Duman

"Thank you to Black On The Job. With AdminCyn because I had never negotiated my salary and fine-tuned my resume as I did before this. AND I AM NOT THROUGH YET! 100K IS IN MY FUTURE."

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