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A Business/Movement Dedicated To The Advancement of Black People In The Workplace.

Cyntoni Miller, CEO of Black On The Job

Welcome to The Hive

Black On The Job fondly called BOTJ founded in June 2018, as a black contingent network, founded on core values of discipline, hard work, consistency and integrity, which has in turn built a vast, enduring network that purposes to help improve the career development process of the black community to exceed the middle-class standards.

The founders and the BOTJ community is transforming the geographical and academic limits that have stagnated black people behind the starting line for so long and has successfully contributed to the career growth of over 70K members with approximately $10M in increased salaries globally.

Every waking day is a beehive of activities for our founders. From creating a safe space for open constructive conversations for the community to nurturing individual and collective forward movement while remaining up to date with corporate America and curating related educational materials for the members (well known as Bees or Jobbees).

Meet The Team

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