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Africa’s Silicon Valley

For as far back as I can remember, Nigerian parents wanted their children to be doctors, lawyers, or engineers. Those were the professions they considered honorable.

As a child, saying you wanted to do anything else defied your parents – at least until Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) and Gen Zers (1997 – 2012).

Most Nigerian kids have been groomed to pursue specific careers – from the days of Nursery school education rhymes likeStandard living, standard living,” which children often pronounced “Sanderlili, Sanderlili." A part of the lyrics went like this, “I am a doctor in my country! Doctor! And everybody knows me well. If you look at me up and down, you will know it is true. Standard living, standard living […]."

Fast forward to modern-day Nigeria, technology has become part of the average Nigerian’s day-to-day life, with Nigeria fast becoming the hub for tech startups.

In 2018, African start-ups were celebrating: they had raised nearly $1.2 billion in equity – a 108% increase from the previous year’s. And in 2019, Nigerian financial technology (Fintech) companies set an even more impressive record, raising $360 million from international investors in November 2019.

Nigeria is on a promising path as impressive feats like this have kick-started an interest in the technological industry, and more and more youths are storming the country’s world of tech.

Yaba, Nigeria's biggest tech hub.

Top 3 Careers in Nigeria’s Tech Sector

Nigeria’s IT and technology industry is currently one of its most attractive industries. More and more Nigerians are learning to code and entering the tech world, given the benefits it offers. Tech positions pay significantly higher than regular jobs with often flexible working hours.

Tech positions also provide significant room for career growth, which people look for when venturing into a new career path.

Here are some of the top three roles in tech, the prospects, and the career requirements.

1. Web Developer

A website is like a walk-in store, and web developers are the interior decorators. Website layout and its user-friendliness play a significant role in how long a customer stays on that website and engages with the content.

The web developer's job is to build a responsive website that will attract the user's attention and can be easily navigated, which will, in turn, increase their time on page metrics. By constructing the website’s layout, they create a visually attractive home page and user-friendly design and ensure the site is functional on all web browsers and devices, testing and updating when necessary.

This is one of the most sought-out career paths as it is inclusive and has diverse job opportunities from fields like tech to healthcare and engineering. Web developers in Nigeria often work remotely, which allows them ample free time to explore their creative abilities.

This role has promising prospects as technology is the future, so web developers will always be in demand.

2. Software Engineer

Software engineers design and create computer systems and applications to solve real-world problems. Sometimes called software developers, they develop software for computers and applications.

Software developers are in high demand in Nigeria. They build operating systems, computer games, business applications, and network control systems, which are essential skills with the recent digitization of businesses in Nigeria.

According to recent reports, nearly 30% of jobs on an engineering employment platform targeted back-end engineers. On the other hand, front-end developers made up about 23% of this demand. This is a very lucrative role with good compensation prospects, and as most tech jobs are, it is primarily remote, making it more attractive.

Image by Media Photos from Getty Images Signature

3. SEO Content Writer/Copywriter

For companies and brands, the content on their products and services pages needs to pique the reader's interest to convert them into paying customers. This is where content writers come in.

SEO content writers utilize search engine optimization to create, develop, print, or digitalize content for organizations that provide information or showcase their products or services.

SEO content has been used to drive marketing strategies, utilizing social media and blogs to drive engagement and advertise products or services.

Copywriting is a dynamic industry in Nigeria, and content writers have continued to remain relevant through the years now more so than ever.

4. Technological Advancement in Nigeria

Tech startups, particularly fintech, are fast rising in Nigeria, which has opened up several employment opportunities around the globe. With Nigerian tech professionals even taking remote tech jobs and working in the American tech space, the Nigerian tech industry has grown.

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